Cardamom Tea

I love cardamom.  My family makes these traditional Swedish cookies (which we no longer remember the proper name for because we’ve literally made them since my great great grandmother came over from Sweden) that have whole cardamon seeds in them.  To me, this tea tastes like Christmas.

This recipe makes one small pot of tea, about two mugs.

  • Take one and a half tablespoons of chamomile (or a store bought tea bag) and place in small teapot.
  • Take three cardamom pods, break and remove cardamom (about 1/2 to 1 teaspoon, not ground)
  • Crush the cardamom, does not need to be a fine powder, but should be pretty close
  • Place in small teapot with the chamomile
  • Pour in hot water
  • Let steep for at least three minutes, preferably longer
  • Drink as you like (a teaspoon of sugar or less goes wonderfully with this tea, but don’t over do it)